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One of the safest and most common procedures in the United States, cataract surgery is a procedure that removes the lens with a cataract and replaces it with an artificial lens to restore vision.



Alaska Eye Surgery and Laser Center is the first and only location in Alaska that offers blade-free laser-assisted cataract surgery with the LenSx system by Alcon.


Laser-Assisted cataract surgery offers the benefits of:

  • Safer Cataract Surgery

  • More precise, reliable results

  • Better Vision


Ask your surgeon about blade-free Laser Cataract Surgery to see if it is right for you!

Many advances in cataract surgery mean that you have many more options for not just restoring your vision, but also the chance to have great vision without as much dependence on glasses or contact lenses.  Ask your surgeon about options for Advanced Technology Lenses and Laser-assisted cataract surgery.  


There are many different procedures to address and treat glaucoma of different types and severity.  At Alaska Eye Surgery and Laser Center, the surgeons have access to all the latest technology in glaucoma treatment devices and lasers.  Your surgeon will discuss with you what treatment options are best.  


Some treatment options commonly performed at Alaska Eye Surgery and Laser Center include:

- Trabeculectomy

- Placement of aqueous shunts

- Transscleral cyclophotocoagulation with a MicroPulse laser

Clear Healthy Cornea

The cornea is the clear, circular layer of tissue that forms the window of our eye.  When there is a disease or injury that has damaged a cornea, fortunately we have advanced procedures to restore this critical part of our eyes.  Our anterior segment surgeons can provide a variety of corneal procedures including penetrating keratoplasty, endothelial keratoplasty and a variety of other procedures to address your particular eye disease or injury.  

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