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As you prepare for your eye surgery, we would like you to understand how you will be billed for the services that you receive. The success of your surgery depends on the effort of dedicated professionals including the surgeon, Alaska Eye Surgery and Laser Center and your anesthesia provider(s). Therefore, you will receive separate bills from the Surgeon, the Anesthesia Provider, the Facility (Alaska Eye Surgery and Laser Center), and in some cases, your referring Optometrist.


You may be required to pay a deductible or co-insurance amount at the time of surgery. After your insurance is billed, a remaining balance may be outstanding for which you will receive a statement.  You may also choose to use advanced technology during your eye surgery that will not be covered by your medical insurance.  Alaska Eye Surgery and Laser Center will require any elective advanced technology be paid for BEFORE your surgery.  You may receive a bill for a remaining balance.  This may be a deductible cost, co-pay, or co-insurance amount. 


The following is an explanation of the bills you may receive for any outstanding surgical balance:


1. Alaska Eye Surgery and Laser Center Bill

You may receive a bill from the Alaska Eye Surgery and Laser Center for the facility fee.  The facility fee will reflect expenses for staff, supplies, and equipment used for the procedure services provided by AESLC. Forunately, the facility fee at a surgery center is much less than at a hospital, making it a more affordable and efficient option for patients.  


2. Surgeon’s Bill

Your surgeon will charge you fees based on the procedure he/she performs. You will receive a separate bill for services performed by the surgeon. All questions and payments regarding the surgeon’s services should be addressed to your surgeon or surgeon’s office.

3. Anesthesia Provider’s Bill

The anesthesia you receive during your surgery is provided by an independent provider contracted by AESLC. You will receive a separate bill for the services provided by the anesthesia provider. Questions regarding this bill should be addressed to the specified anesthesia provider named on your bill. Please reference your billing statement for all necessary contact information.


4. Optometrist’s Bills

If you were referred to your surgeon by your primary eye care provider and you elected to see your optometrist for post-operative care, you may receive a bill from their office. Questions and payment regarding this bill should be directed to your optometrist’s office.


5. Duplicate Bills

Receiving multiple bills can be confusing to anyone. Many patients often feel overwhelmed when they receive numerous bills for surgery. Be sure to reference the Date of Service and Provider listed on your bills and explanation of benefits for clarification.

If you have additional questions about billing, first call your insurance company and then call the phone number on the statement you received.  


For Alaska Eye Surgery and Laser Center billing, please call (907) 770-2380.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, cash, cashier's checks and CareCredit Financing. Call (907) 770-2380 to make a payment.  Need an easy way to pay your bill in monthly payments? 

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